Cleansing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Societal Conditioning 

June 18th, 2019


NE Wellness

1224 2nd St. Ne 

Minneapolis, MN


Releasing the shackles of social conditioning so we can prevent it from running the show and embrace the power of our confidence.

Here you will have space to connect deeper with yourself and others in your community.
Learn new tools to deal with triggers, emotions and life stressors.
We will tap into the energy of confidence. True confidence is more than learning about it, it is also the embodiment of confidence and feeling the energy of it. We will have the opportunity to learn a few confidence embodiment exercises and meditations.

You will be engaging with yourself and others. You will leave feeling renewed, deeply connected, and in a place where you are seeing the world and your life from a beautiful and possibly new perspective for you. You will leave feeling your power and have practical ways to bring confidence and your souls' essence into your daily life.

You will be doing some talking, journaling, meditating, relational meditation, and note-taking.

Sam Kelley, Holistic Life Style Coach

OMG, Gigi’s energy is contagious! You can feel her bright light as soon as she walks into the room! I’ve had the pleasure of working with her numerous times over the past 7 years in multiple capacities.  Her beautiful authentic voice shines through in all her writing, motivational speeches, and workshops, as does her powerful message of female empowerment and creating much-needed sisterhood among us women. Her words resonate deep on the soul level, allowing us to step into our divine selves more fully. I highly recommend working with her, she will help to ignite you so you feel inspired and empowered!

Marie Overfors, Speaker

Gigi is a wonderful speaker: warm, funny, a gifted storyteller, deeply compassionate. Plus she radiates presence. I love listening to her talks and I'm honored to know her.

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