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10 Videos/audios from Various Spiritual Teachers

There are many spiritual teachers out there and many great videos to watch. Here are 10 that I think are pretty spot on in their own unique way. Hopefully you will find one in this list that resonates with you! Some are shorter and some are over an hour long.

I will plan to update this blog soon to put some notes on each video (that may help in deciding which video to watch)

Please leave a comment and share one of your favorite videos!

I plan to do a post like this often. To share more great articles and videos.

Enjoy 🥰

1) Bentinho Become Your Calling 2) Becoming Your Highest Version & Manifesting Your Dream Life 3)Lets Just Be Meditation for Black Women - Self Love and Healing 4)Phill GoodLife interview Ancient Wisdom (Shaman Durek and Phill Good)

5)Anurag Live Your Calling, Have Enough and Be Awesome

7)Dr. Shefali

How To Become a Better Parent / Concious Parenting

8)Matt Kahn A Cure for Overthinking / How to be with Uncertainty

9)Shaman Durek What Dying Taught Shaman Durek about Life, Love and the Importance of Intuition

10)John Wineland The Spiritual Practice of Loving and Honoring What Bothers You 11)Earth star healer Angelic Quantum Healing: I am Source Meditation

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