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How to Be more YOU

I woke up one morning in such an urgency.

It was about 3am and it was as if something was shouting at me “emergency -wake up”! Without even thinking, I sat straight up! Then I heard a voice say: you know the line. Now YOU just got to line up to it.

This was direct guidance - a direct invitation to be more ME.

To No longer hide parts of who I am, no longer deny myself love, or look outside of me for direction and acceptance. No longer look for the line outside me but to hear it deeply within.

The more we fill our lives with US is when we will experience more of US. Which is all the things that we deeply desire and crave.

When we become so clear as to who we are and Align our desires, thoughts, actions and energy to that. We begin to exude alignment. Giving off a clear signal, no longer mixed with a little of this or that.

This is why you may experience things that don’t connect to your desires, because something in your energy may not be clear. It may be your perceptions, thoughts or maybe it's your actions that don’t line up to the authentic you.

Example: Maybe your name is Nola and you are a thought provoking international artist whose calling is people experiencing freedom and their true potential.

Yet you judge others opinions and you limit the time you create art because you judge your work and compare it to others. You are not being you. But the moment Nola would honor her art. Imperfections and all. The moment she would find joy in the process of creating. The moment she would meditate on the energy of freedom and allow that to be the energy she swims in. She will then notice her thoughts are no longer judgmental yet are full of acceptance and love. Giving her the energy and passion she needs to create more. She now is lined up with the line. And anything that prevents her from being her will miraculously move out of her way or at least will no longer be a barrier to her joy, freedom and creativity. Because it’s clear-she's clear.

The more YOU you are, the more things begin to fall away that are not you. Making room for you to take up more space and have more room for you to be you.

You create a feeling of safety when you are you. It tells your nervous system that it’s safe to be you. When you do things that don’t resemble YOU you are saying it’s not safe to be you. You are subconsciously saying it’s bad or wrong to to be you and your inner child feels abandoned and rejected. Because you’re denying your self something so essential. You’re denying you YOU.

The more you express your truth the more safety you create in that.

How can you be more you?

1) Get to know who you are. What is your true essence that reflects the truest version of you. How does your light impact others? Is it your unconditional love, the energy of power that you exude that invites others to find their power, is it your deep compassion?

Ask others what energy you give off right when you enter a space or ask what they think your unique abilities are in relation to how you impact others. Once you find out- be more of this. It’s naturally who you are so embody this and show up more and more in this energy

2) Align your thoughts to the essence you figured out in tip #1

3) What habits have been whispering to you that you should incorporate in your life? Is it meditation, yoga, eat less sugar or spend more time in nature? Tune in to that message you’ve been hearing for a long time but ignoring. You are hearing it over and over because this habit is an extension of your truth. So just begin.

4) Love. The truest essence of all of us is love. So love yourself in such a bold way. Even when you are triggered, lazy, and feeling bad. Unconditional self love!

5) Tune into the energy of you. This can be done in a meditation or just in reflection. Write down whatever comes to you. Write down no more than a page. Read this daily. It’ll become apart of you! And feel into the energy of this as you read it.

6) Remember : The world is offering you many different vibrations all day long. Friends, the news, books we read, entertainment etc. And it wants you to join their vibrations and if you do you’ll notice you may start to feel bad. This happens because typically they are trying to keep you believing in fear, seeing lack or seeing yourself or others as problems to be fixed. The reason you feel bad is in that moment you have forgotten who you really are -and instead adopted the perspective that you are not ok, or that something outside of you is not ok. What would happen if you lived in the presence, lived in acceptance (even as you may do things that upgrade your situation-but doing it from a place of not seeing the current reality as bad)

This will bring you great peace - which is more of a reflection of your truest self than worry, self hate, and judgement.

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