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How to Find the Love of Your Dreams

Instead of loving ourselves we desperately crave love from another and sadden and suffer when we don’t receive it or when we are not getting enough. We expect and yearn for the world to adore us but yet we don’t seem to adore ourselves. We tell our lover “Take me hold me so tight and don’t let me go. Breathe your life into me ever so slowly so you can fill me up with your being and every ounce of your soul. So your melodies begin to ring ever so sweetly into my ear filling me with euphoria.”

But what would happen if we first fell madly in love with ourselves before we fell madly in love with another?

To inspire you to dream of this type of love I’ve written you a love letter just for you:

She cries by the moonlight every night letting her tears drift her to far away lands where her dreams become realities and where her realities can finally give her joy rather than despair

You see there is a story in her heart with the depth of a mystical valley in Peru

There is a story in her heart ready to ignite and wanting to explode into the ears of those with a similar dream and soul

There is a story in her heart that reminds her of a garden filled with passion and love that extends to the warmth of the sun

There is a story in her heart where it begins with HIM as the main character

And it’s HIM that is her rock and her inspiration that supports her to keep her book open rather than closed so she can share her story

It is HIM that gives her depth, it is HIM that ignites her heart as it explodes with every kiss, it is HIM that supports her dreams and her visions, it is HIM that gives her passion and wind to fly

He is her love. He is now a part of her story and with HIM by her side she feels unbreakable. His strength is phenomenal and it is not bounded by the superficial or the external. But it is bounded by his heart. It comes from a small miraculous seed that expands every time she sees HIM. He is her everything.

This love letter is beautiful and sounds like the type of love we all dream of but the problem doesn’t lie in us wanting this type of love. The problem stems from us wanting this type of love to be provided to us by someone other than ourselves. Your depth, passion and your strength should come from within not from HIM.

This girl in the love letter is like so many who are on the path of searching for love. She is untouched by the simplicity of peace and internal happiness. For her peace and happiness comes from an outside source. Which is far from her truth. Her truth is inner love. She finds herself in constant battles and she always seems to lose not because she is unlovable but because she chooses to allow someone else to take her to heights of ecstasy instead of taking herself there. Because whenever you allow someone to take you somewhere YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL.

Take yourself to ecstasy and you will be there when the guy comes or even if he doesn’t come, while he stays with you and even when he leaves because you were already in a state of bliss long before he ever came. Your blissful state had nothing to do with him. It extends from you regardless of what circumstances are happening around you.

While preparing for love many create a list of qualities they want in a partner or they make a list of what feelings and experiences they want their future partner to provide. I imagine your desires might sound like: He must make me feel wanted, make me feel sexy and beautiful, create fun and adventure in my life, give me romance and pamper me, listen to me, admire me, respect me, make me laugh, be dependable, open up emotionally to me, be faithful and be trustworthy, appreciate me, pleasure me, encourage me, love me unconditionally.

I am curious if you are giving the above items on this list fully to yourself? How are you going to look for a partner to encourage you when you don’t even encourage yourself? How are you going to look for a partner to love you unconditionally when you barely love yourself? How are you going to look for a partner to listen to you when you don’t even listen to your own body or spirit?

To find the love of your dreams you must be the love of your dreams.


1) Write your own love letter. You can use the same love letter above as inspiration. Replace the word HIM with your name, God, or your higher power. Now you’ll have your very own love letter that hopefully will inspire you to embody this type of love instead of just seeking for it.

2) Write your own list of what you must have in a partner. Write how you want him to make you feel. Then ask yourself are you giving those things fully to yourself. Are you experiencing those things fully in your life right now? Even without the guy? If not think of ways in which you can bring more of those things into your life. Make it a quest to complete and bring all of the things on your list into your life. So that when you do meet HIM you are FULL and no longer EMPTY.

A woman FULL of love is a woman full of beauty. Which is the most attractive quality of all – internal beauty. A woman who is in a healthy loving relationship with herself. A woman so magnificent that she needs NOTHING. She is love, she is joy, she is beauty, she is power, she is dynamic just as she is. This woman is a magnetic force . Beautiful energy passes through her body and expands all around her that she effortlessly attracts the highest quality of men time and time again. Her internal light is so bright and full already that she actually NEEDS nothing. She is already love. She doesn’t need love because she is it. And she wants to give it. And the man she attracts also needs nothing because he is love. He already has it and wants to give love.


This is the love you desire. This is the love you deserve.

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