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Meditation: A Beautiful Dance With Self Love

MEDITATION A sweet and sacred practice that will allow space for you to make love with the parts of you that have been hidden.

You my dear, were born into this world as a being of perfection!

You have a unique translation of light that carries a vibration that holds a certain flavor of love that only you carry. It permeates your energy field and is felt by all who saw and felt you on the day of your birth. Then you were given a name. A name that holds meaning to those who gave it to you. They had hopes and wishes for you and your life, and they would project those hopes and dreams every time they looked at you.

But they failed to tune into the translation of light that you hold.

They forgot to feel into your natural gifts, wisdoms and inner knowings. Instead, they gave you rules to follow, ideals to live up to, specific clothes to wear…“playbooks” for how to behave, when to cry, when to speak, and what activities are worthy to engage in. Soon, you have friends and access to TV, media, and a whole world of more and more playbooks written and given to you by people who never sat down to hear the medicine you carry in your unique flavor of love.

You are taught not to trust yourself but to trust the playbooks instead. So, you sit, and you obey. Running further and further away from you in order to conform and be accepted. You study hard, following the playbook word for word—how to dress, who to date, and how you spend your weekends. Yet you wonder why do you feel so depressed, anxious, jealous, stressed, lifeless, and lost if you did all that you were asked to do and kept that playbook by your side. Why are you so confused, numb, tired, and unsatisfied?

It’s not your fault, and you are definitely not alone. When we were little, most of us were left to fix ourselves to be like the masses so we could feel loved, accepted, and “good.” We became masters at it. We didn’t know that we already held the energy of magic, truth, and beauty inside of us. We thought it was out there. We thought "they" knew. But what we didn’t realize was that they all (yes…even the ones who made all the rules) were just as lost and confused as we were. They were just following everyone else too.

But I’m here to tell you that meditation has a way to dissolve that.

It can release the desire or need to alter yourself. It does this because meditation is a beautiful way to connect with all aspects of ourselves. No altering needed. Some spend so much time getting things done and checking the boxes on their list but rarely enter into the magical forest of their emotions like sadness, overwhelm, guilt, or shame. Meditation is a way to create safety for all of you. For all of you to show up, lean in, and hear the medicine that those emotions have for you. This is the truest form of self-love where all of you can be seen, heard, and loved. No more shoving your emotions away or masking them with activities. We are constantly being guided, but if we don’t spend time learning the language of our soul, we may misinterpret the whispers or not even hear them. We have an abundance of other people’s opinions, but we lack our unique wisdom.

Many have a deep desire to meditate but may face resistance. It can be hard to create a practice to meditate because it’s bringing us to our vulnerable place, and this can scare many of us on a subconscious level. So, we make all the excuses as to why we don’t have time to be with ourselves. For many, the reason why they can’t be with themselves is due to the unworthiness that they don’t even know is there. So, spending time with themselves feels painful because they have spent a lifetime creating a personality of “perfection,” but in actuality, it is a mask to cover up what is being felt underneath. A part of us knows that...and doesn’t want to face it.

We all have disowned parts of us (parts of our personality that were told were bad or not loveable when we were little), and when we slow down enough with no filters, those disowned parts may come to the surface. A part of us is scared to be with all the sides and emotions we truly hold. For many, only certain aspects of us are safe to be with—so we usually focus on those.

But the pure magic of who you are is only amplified when it is uncovered—not masked. Many have wounds of not feeling safe in our body or with caring for ourselves. Meditation allows us to cultivate a different relationship with our pain so that we can begin to relax our nervous system and feel safe in our bodies. It’s a beautiful dance. The more you do this, the more artful it becomes.

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