• Gigi

No More Pills of Small Mindedness

We spend years learning to fight for approval and shrink in our skin

All because they tell us we are women and that we are weak

That if we sit and be polite we'll be upgraded to “pretty”

As if it's what our souls were only born to achieve.

So we quiet our mouths - lower our gaze and unconsciously pledge allegiance to the deceptive scheme that our worth is in our bodies or in the approval of another.

But not anymore!

It's time...

Time to detach from the world around us who tries to prison our minds with their lies.

Imprison our bodies with their rules and their lustful eyes.

Demanding us to check these boxes to see where we fit in - fat, skinny, pretty or not, sexy, powerful, intelligent, weak or a bitch.

But I rebel in the way of the boxed in mind.

Breaking free from your barriers- I’m forever fasting from your lies.

No longer am I taking your pills of small mindedness that you cowardly disguise as gold.

I'm on to your BS and your boxed in ways.

I will no longer shower in your words and limitations.

I've waited in the past for you to boast me up and tell me I’m ok, but these chains don't bind me.

Im repulsed at your boxed in ways.

You see, Im not your slave girl you've got it all wrong.

But somewhere I chose to believe you and danced to your song

Slave girl I am Not.

I am a gypsy in the night !

Wild and untamed no boxes in sight.

My eyes are bright and full of fire.

I was created in color.

Don't doubt my wild emotions and mystical ways.

I marvel through this world in my greatness with my head held high shoulders back letting others feel the resonance of my electricity.

Leaving glitter in my dust as I walk boldly through this world.

Reclaiming my queen-hood.

No time for your boxed in ways.

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