Why work with me?

I'm all about alignment!


You know you are meant to work with me if you feel truly aligned with my message and my point of view. At this stage, I only work with individuals and companies where there is a strong alignment. 


If the below message resonates... let's connect:


We stand in this world, at times, so knee deep in our pain — with pieces of our soul scattered all around us. All we truly desire is for someone to see us, to believe in us and to lend us a helping-hand, hopefully, to pull us out of our suffering. We try to call on the world for help with our attempts to scream, but we are too exhausted from the pain to even open our mouths. So we stay quiet. Once again, no one notices our despair. And because our mouths are shut, no one hears our cries. We hold our eyes wide open but all we see is darkness. We look to those closest to us for help but they don’t seem to understand — they cannot see nor do they feel our wounds. Where is our light? Who will guide us? Why do we feel so alone?


Some of us, especially us sensitive souls of the world, can feel just about every emotion that stirs in the wind. We feel the hurts that so many people carry on a daily basis. But even in this, though we can feel others so strongly, we often feel unseen by others — even those that are the closest to us. One of the worst feelings is being in a crowded room and feeling like you are there alone.


Thankfully this sorrow, loneliness, and feeling of disconnection get broken when the universe sends a healing gift our way in the form of a comforting soul or a place of solstice we can retreat to.


This is my intention...to bring spaces and programs the can be that comforting place to heal.


This gift becomes a doorway — channeling us to connect to our truest selves. With every inhale and exhale of breath, this gift gives us access to our deepest creativities so that we can begin to heal from our pain, celebrate our existence and step out of our suffering.

To have a tribe, a speaker, a facilitator who understands you, supports you and loves you unconditionally, is priceless.


The reason for our deep pain is many things but one big reason is we were taught to be desired admired and to be liked by everyone.


Denying our soul our truth and our gift to the world because we thought we needed someones permission slip before we could be!

before we could speak!

Before we could go right instead of left (the directions we saw everyone else going) we thought the world knew best. But every time we followed the path of the sheep (people following mindlessly in one direction and not even really knowing why). the more pain and more alone we felt.

We tried to learn and play the right roles (maybe being nice - or not stepping on anyone's toes - our saying our truth regardless if we were misunderstood ). We wanted more tokens of appreciation only to be left empty and so far from ourselves that we end up not knowing who we are.


Take up more space!  I will help you with this!

This is a place to enter into being more anchored into your worthiness- in your dreams and your desires. This is a place where you begin to honor your soul with ease and with love. Breaking away from your minds false identification that you are faulty - incapable - too quiet.


All this BS was handed to you and ...guess what? You can hand it back.


It was never yours, to begin with. Naturally, you are divine powerful light.


We are detaching from the world around us who tries to prison our minds with their lies

But here we rebel in the ways of the boxed in mind. Break free from these barriers forever fasting from their lies.

No longer will we take their pills of small-mindedness that they cowardly disguise as gold. We are on to their boxed in ways. No longer shower in their words of limitations

We have waited in the past or them to boost us up to tell us we are ok..but these chains no longer bind us. BE REPULSED at their boxed in ways. Slave girls we are not. We are goddesses eyes are bright and full of fire. we were created in color. our lights cant be dimmed we marvel through this world in our greatness with our heads held high shoulders back letting others feel the resonance of our electric energy. Leaving Glitter in our dust as we walk boldly through this world reclaiming our Queenhood. NO Time No space and NO Thank YOU to the boxed in ways.

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