Currently Accepting Clients

Work one on one with me to learn many tools & practices on how to allow your own guidance system to become your coach. 


Begin to have a rich, vibrant and intimate relationship with your body, emotions, desires, pain and ancestors. 


This is a 4 week journey where I guide you into trusting the intelligence of your body and your spiritual gifts. 



Currently Accepting Gigs

I create stories that heal, stories that inspire and transform. You can let me know your events purpose & mission and I will create a dynamic and healing story that will bring your audience on a deep journey of transformation. 

$ Varies


Currently Accepting Gigs

Do you need a speaker for your upcoming (in person or virtual) event? I am a seasoned keynote and breakout speaker. I create speeches that inspire and motivate! Look at my speaking page to learn more. 


Spiritual Biz


If you are a spiritual biz owner and desire to have your biz be more inclusive and to reflect the beauty and magic of our diverse world. Please book a call. We will explore how to make sure your business is honoring the richness of all individuals. 



Embodied Ally

AT Your Own Pace

Merging Spirituality and activism. Do this course at your own pace.



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